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T.I. made a cameo in Janelle Monae’s new music video for her latest single, Electric Lady. Check it out below!

T.I. performed on this weeks edition of SoundClash on VH1. He performed his hits Bring Em Out, What You Know, and his new single No Mediocre. He ended the show with Fall Out Boy and London Grammer joining him on stage as they performed his smash hit, Live Your Life. Check them out below.

No Mediocre



T.I. “ain’t no ghostwriter.

When asked by Bijou Star TV if he’s written rhymes for his Grand Hustle Records artist Iggy Azalea, he says that “Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world in her own way.

Claims of Iggy Azalea using ghostwriters, specifically T.I., were reignited when Nicki Minaj told the world that she writes her own rhymes while at this year’s BET Awards.

What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” she said during her acceptance speech.

The internet assumed that she was referring to Azalea. But, according to T.I., while all artists get assistance “with hooks and certain things like that,” Azalea raps her own rhymes.

I couldn’t write a lot of the shit she say, you know? I couldn’t put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does. You know what I’m saying? She just has a different way of presenting herself and her art.


T.I. was spotted outside of Raven Nightclub for Iggy’s album listening party the other night. Check out the photos in the gallery.



Rapper T.I. and his entourage stopped at Nike Town Beverly Hills to stock up on sneakers one day after Nike’s inaugural Air Max Day, the company released their original Air Max sneaker on 03/26/87.


T.I. was spotted early this morning leaving Supperclub Hollywood. Check out the photos in the gallery by clicking below.


T.I. will replace Ludacris as the Live @ Veishea headliner. According to a news release, scheduling conflicts are to blame for the switch in entertainers.

“Ended up being a scheduling conflict. He had another deal he had to follow through with,” said entertainment chair of Veishea Mitchell Kenne.

When Veishea found out, Ludacris’ agency offered other options as a replacement which lead to T.I..

“When we found out … his agency just offered up some other ideas to replace him with,” Kenne said. “They offered up T.I. and we thought it was the best choice.”

T.I., real name Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., released his first record “I’m Serious” in 2001 through Arista Records and followed up with “Trap Muzik” in 2003 through Grand Hustle Records and “Urban Legend” in 2004.

T.I. is known for his popular singles “Bring Em Out,” “Dead and Gone” and recently “Whatever You Like.”

Beyond music, T.I. starred in movies “ATL,” “Takers” and “Identity Thief.”

Recently T.I. signed to Columbia Records and plans to release a new record this year.

Another week, another Big Boi remix, sorry that you had to miss out last weeks, but the 7th installment is here today, and its definitely something to check out. Big Boi returns today with a brand new remix in which we get the track “In The A” matched up with something completely different, Reija Lee’s “Run For Cover”, which makes for something quite dope.

The tracks get brought together brilliant for the latest remix, and while there are still two to go, this is by far my favorite out of the bunch. Not only do we get to hear from Big Boi, but T.I. and Ludacris also hop on the track, making for something unique and quite infectious. Whatever you do today, don’t sleep on this shit. Check out the track after the jump and speak on it down below.StupidDope.Com

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